Tentang Kita

Haaaave you met us ?

Hi! We are Valdi and Ayu 🙂

We are two small town childhood friends,
who grew up closely – both literally (as our parents houses in only 25 steps away to each other ) and figuratively ( as we really are best friends since Junior High ), who fell in love to each other during our life period in a big city, and finally got married and settled down back to our hometown !

We love travelling, seeing what the world has to offer, wandering into some busy cities and also enjoying some serene natures.

We are into architecture, interior, and home decor. We think each home deserves to be styled just as its family true selves, not only to looked pretty. Therefore, we made Homepiness 🙂

The wife enjoys doing anything related to design, craft, and she grew up doing singing and dancing quite a lot. While the husband enjoys doing anything about photography, landscape, and politic-economy-technology readings.

Oh, and did you know that 1 of 10 couples (which means 10% of total couples) in the world has fertility issue? We are one of that 10%! Haha.

So we might write about our TTC Adventure, maybe as much as we’ll write about Home – Loving, Life, and Travelling. Or maybe more, hope you don’t mind !

So it’s our pleasure to know you all 🙂


" He has made everything beautiful in its time "